Kathy Brown's Lectures 
at suitable venues 
within 50 miles of Stevington
Digital presentation with beautiful illustrations
Lectures in 2017: £140 plus travel at 40p per mile.

Choose from the following topics -
1.    Bulbs for All Seasons  
2.    The Edible Flower Garden* 
3.    The Cottage Garden
4.    The Manor House Garden; inspiration & creation 
5.    Clematis and other climbers 
6.    The Winter Garden 
7.    Gardens of China and the Luoyang Peony Festival (new)
8.    Distinctive Containers: Spring and Summer **
9.    Distinctive Containers: Autumn through to Spring **

*Kathy's lovely book 'Edible Flowers' is to be reprinted for the sixth time
** Kathy latest book 'Container Gardening' was published September 2011

Topics other than Gardening
1.  The Stevington Connection: the literary Landscape of John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress' 
2.   The extraordinary tale of Rev. Peter Bulkeley and the founding Concord MA