Kathy Brown's Garden Designs

Postgraduate diploma in Landscape and Garden design
from Oxford College of Garden Design

Silver Medal Winner at Chelsea Flower Show

From little to large: from historic courtyards in the City of London
to country and town gardens (see examples below)
The style may be formal or informal
and planting may be full or minimalistic.

For choice of plants or ideas about style, you are welcome to visit
Kathy's Garden at Stevington
or come on a Garden Design Day.
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Kathy Brown
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Hare Court in the Inner Temple next to Temple Church in the City has some of the oldest Purbeck paths in London. Here we added a new one to link two barristers chambers.
The ugly dark conifers were removed and then it took weeks for archaeoligists to complete their dig before any new landscaping could begin.
The planting is simple, using white stemmed birches to represent the original four Hare brothers who worked in chambers here. Groups of 'cloudy yew' will eventually create a soft flowing green underplanting.
A sculpture was created by Tanya Russell who wanted to encapsulate the idea of the law being carefully weighed and nurtured. We saw it emerge from drawing to clay model to actual placement.

An old people's care home garden has been transformed from grey stucco walls with cracked concrete flooring.
Now it has warm and inviting Suffolk pink walls and an attractive even flooring. Uncluttered paths allow ease of wheelchair access. Two raised beds have been made for maximum resident appreciation and contact. They are filled with fragrant tactile plants which will create colourful centrepieces for their courtyard garden.
There is plenty of room for summer tables and chairs.
A special retractable blue Awning has been installed to create safe shade.

Above it sits a giant outdoor clock so that tea time is never late!

The temporary fence at the back hides a major construction site that will bring new homes and schools to the area.

Meanwhile the sunny metre wide bed in front of the fence is a residents garden for sunflowers, tomatoes, beans etc.

The garden therefore plays a dual role.
It will be a cheerful place to relax and have contact with fresh air and nature. It is also where the residents can act6vely  participate in growing plants and therefore feel a sense of  shared ownership.
Formality in North London
Before and after
One of the oldest garden spaces in Old London: Hare Court in the Inner Temple
Care Home Transformation